Things to Know before Hiring an Illustrator

Photo by Mushaboom Studio

Photo by Mushaboom Studio

Illustration can make branding come alive! But it’s not always easy to find an illustrator. If you are thinking about hiring an illustrator, there are few things you might consider before your search.

Consider the style of illustration you want.

Not all illustrators are created equal. There are illustrators who specialize in lettering, chalk, floral design, water color, comic illustration, ink, calligraphy…and so much more. Hiring an illustrator is like choosing a restaurant. You have to know if you’re eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner as well as which cuisine you are in the mood for.

You probably know which styles fit your brand. Dive into Instagram and find artists that fit those styles. Message them. Ask them questions. You might find the illustrator you’re looking for.

If you already work with an illustrator you like, but you’re not sure that they can execute the style you are going for…ask them! “I really like this vintage ink style I saw on Instagram. Is that something you’d be interested in? If not, do you know any illustrators that like doing things like this?”

Consider where the illustration will be showcased.

Is this art going to be displayed digitally or physically? Will it be a large or small project? Will it need to be used across mediums?

For example, let’s say you own a coffee shop with a chalk wall. You want someone to execute a physical project on a large scale and create a floral illustration around a chalk-lettered menu. And then you want someone to create similar chalk-style graphics to go on your website. You’re looking for someone who likes the actual medium of chalk, who can also letter, and who can create similar work digitally. Or more likely, you’re looking for a team that can carry that out.

Consider time frame and budget.

Things that will increase the cost of illustration work:

  • a short time frame

  • a need for use across platforms

  • a large scale, physical project

  • more feedback rounds

  • more options

If you are on a short time frame or need a lot of detailed illustration work for a large scale project, your budget should expand to reflect that. If you are looking to keep costs down you can decrease the number of options you want to see and the number of revisions and rounds of feedback.

I hope this helps you find the illustrator of your dreams and create some beautiful art! Feel free to take a look at our Instagram and see if you think our style is a good fit for you!