6 Questions you MUST Answer on Your Website

Photo by Mushaboom Studio

Photo by Mushaboom Studio

  1. Who are you?

    Your website should identify you in every way possible. It should literally spell out your name, define you visually, and explain your personality and purpose through words, images, video and even illustration. There should be no question who you are and what you do.

  2. What can you do for me?

    Your website should tell visitors almost instantly why they should care about your business. And that means telling your audience what you can do for them. Can you give them stylish clothes for an affordable price? Can you make them feel at home in their brand *cough cough*? Let your customer know why you matter to them before you lose their attention and they click away.

  3. How can I pick up what you’re putting down?

    Okay. So I’m a visitor who hasn’t clicked away from your site yet. I like your brand and I think I want what you’re selling me. How do I get it? It should be really simple to request your services or find your products. If it fits in your branding, literally give the people a big red button.

  4. What is your story?

    The about page is popular for a reason. The history of you or your business is important because it tells people why they should trust you and how your story makes you different from other businesses that offer similar things.

  5. Where can I see more?

    People use different platforms and everyone has their preference. If you want to remain on your audiences’ minds, you want to stay at the forefront of their feeds. Make it clear that you operate on the platform of their choice and simple for them to follow you there!

  6. What are you doing for the greater good?

    Your business will garner support more readily if you make it clear how you are making a difference in the bigger picture. Tell the people why supporting you means supporting what they believe in!

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