Finding Inspiration for your Brand

Inspiration for your Brand.jpg

Building everything that embodies you and your business ideals into one single brand is a tall order. So where the heck is a person supposed to start?

We’ve had this very conversation with designers and entrepreneurs in our own community and the solution we always like to share is simpler and more fun than you’d expect.

We learned this method at Mavenly + Co’s Women Work + Worth Conference from Sarah Deshaw and Emily Wells and it’s forever changed our process!

You probably already know what you like. You just need it all in one place and in front of you. Our suggestion? A Pinterest deep dive.

Create a time and start a Pinterest board. For 30 minutes, pin anything and everything you like! This can be focused around branding but don’t stop yourself from pinning that sofa you like or that gorgeous orange Spanish tile. Follow every whim and pin like the wind!

Then, stop.

Take a look at everything you’ve pinned. Do you notice any patterns, colors, or styles that keep repeating?

Now it’s time to hone in on your intention. Create another Pinterest board. Start by considering your brand, your style, and your audience. In our experience, that first Pinterest board will probably have you leaning towards a color palette, a photography style, and maybe even a graphic design style. Take those and refine them to fit your brand needs and your preferences and only pin things to this final board that really fit and help define your brand visually.

Ask a friend to look things over to see if anything doesn’t fit or to see if there’s something missing. Having a second set of eyes is a huge part of our design process. Sometimes you can’t see clearly what fits or feels right and a fresh perspective can tell you how others might perceive your brand.

Congrats! You’re done! Now, take a step back. Sip your coffee. And behold the beautiful mood board before your eyes that says “See — you knew what you wanted all along.” And now you have something to take to a designer or a blueprint to work from as you construct your brand assets.

This is a broad application with a few tweaks of the brilliant method we learned at the conference, but the great thing about it is that you can apply it to so many things.


Don’t you just love mood boards?