5 DIY Branding Resources We Love


Yes, we believe in the power of paying a professional to work their magic on branding and content, but we also know that that’s not always the perfect option. When you’re in the early stages of your business (or even side hustle), you may not have the budget for professional graphics and photography, but you still need nice, presentable content to get your message out. Or maybe you’re like us and you love the idea of getting creative and making your own brand content because who better to understand the message you have to share with the world than you?

Whatever the case may be, we’re about to drop some seriously good DIY branding resources that are gonna help you get the creative work done!

  1. Canva


    This design website has thousands of templates for everything from Instagram story posts to flyers to resumes and presentations. And seriously so much more. We build custom templates for our clients in Canva because it’s JUST SO EASY TO USE and it’s free. Just pick a template that you like and customize it to your needs. It’s my go-to when I need a nice looking design fast.

    USE IT FOR: Creating quote tiles for IG, making a resume that stands out, designing correctly-sized banners for your social media, making a killer proposal deck, and so so much more!

  2. Creative Market


    “Ready-to-use design assets from independent creators.” They’ve got fonts, mockup templates, stock photos, icons, illustrations, themes, custom code for different platforms, and a useful blog. Creative Market keeps things affordable and they have weekly freebies. We use their mockup templates and I check there freebies almost every week!

    USE IT FOR: Finding affordable stock photos, getting some cute icons you can use on your website or in a proposal, finding an on-brand pattern that works for your social media banners.

  3. Unsplash


    Stock photos are a great option to get your vision out there fast if you don’t yet have your own content. They can be especially useful as you’re trying to hone into your brand’s look, feel, and color palette. They can give you inspiration, too, for when you start creating your own content. And don’t forget to thank and credit the photographer since you are getting super high quality, gorgeous photos for free. ⚘ Although here at Mushaboom Studio we like an excuse to have a photo shoot every week, we still have been known to use stock photos for project proposals to really get our vision across to our clients.

    USE IT FOR: Putting photos in your proposal deck that communicate your ideas to your client, helping you understand what photo style you and your audience like before you commit funds to photography.

  4. Honeybook E-mail Signature-Maker


    Want to make your e-mail signature look super legit with your logo and custom fonts? We used this when we were first starting and, now, thanks to the inspiration from Honeybook, we know how to design them for our clients.

    USE IT FOR: Obviously, making an e-mail signature!

  5. Lightroom CC App

    The Adobe Lightroom CC App is free and it can really dramatically improve images you take on your phone. If you put in a little time learning how to use and edit, you can really harness the power of your phone’s camera. Joanie Simon from the Bite Shot has this great video tutorial on it.

    USE IT FOR: Making your photos stand out!

These resources are ones we really and truly love and use. Notice, though, that you won’t find anything on this list that’s a replacement to spending the time understanding your brand, message, and audience. You also won’t see a link for a quick & easy logo-maker. We’re all about DIY and efficient content tools, but sometimes cutting corners isn’t worth it.

We hope these resources help you make your own brand magic. We’d LOVE to see what content and branding you are making for yourself so send it our way or throw on the hashtag: #DIYbrandmagic