A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words but Here are Our Favorite Books

Photo by Mushaboom Studio

Photo by Mushaboom Studio

These are some of our favorite inspirational books and they have really good stuff inside.

Freelance, and Business, and Stuff by Amy and Jennifer Hood of Hoodzpah Design

This book is our bible. Throughout the first three months of starting our business, Laura Grace carried it around like a safety blanket and wouldn’t let it go. Whenever we had any arguments about our brand or business — “WE MUST CONSULT THE BOOK!” Amy and Jennifer Hood lay it out beautifully (no duh, they’re designers), but also they keep things simple and light-hearted so it’s not even a little boring. From chapters on how to make a business plan to getting the word out about your business this book is dead useful… and also, it’s pretty.

My Ideal Bookshelf Art by Jane Mount Edited by Thessaly La Force

Short essays by well known and interesting people like Judd Apatow, Miranda July, and Malcolm Gladwell about their favorite books. But the best part - the gorgeous illustrations of books stacked and lined up and just begging to be read. Jane Mount’s rough, colorful, and playful illustrations in this book make it well worth having around. If not to inspire you to read, then to inspire you to draw!

Which is perfect for us, because as a media and design studio we love judging books by their covers.

Daily Rituals by Mason Currey

This is the book you need when you’re having a rough go of it. For some reason, learning about the strange structures of brilliant/crazy people has a calming effect and it makes you feel like your own creative rituals aren’t so crazy after all. Plus, it gives you lots of quirky knowledge to drop at parties like that Maya Angelou liked to write in a cheap hotel room with a bottle of sherry. Oh, and the cover looks cool, so there’s that.

Brand Brilliance by Fiona Humberstone

Found this branding book by way of a designer we love, Haley Grand, who recommended it. It’s stunning to flip through and a major photography and layout inspiration, while at the same time giving really useful branding and messaging advice. I still haven’t finished reading it because I keep getting distracted by how beautiful it is so I end up studying the layout, type, and photography and forget to keep reading.

Katie Lynn Sears